Mediterranean Oregano was originally grown extensively in Greece and Italy where it was not only valued for its aromatic qualities but considered to be a symbol of joy and was commonly used at weddings.

Oregano comes in many varieties including Greek, Mexican, African, Spanish and Moroccan. Originally used to flavour ale and beer in Europe, Oregano is now an essential spice used in Mexican and Italian cooking. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used Oregano to flavour fish, meats, vegetables and wines.

Today, Oregano is still very popular spice in Greece where it is used in salads, chicken and seafood dishes.   

Oregano has a pungent and slightly lemony aroma.

Oregano has a slightly floral and bitter taste with lemony and pungent notes

Health Benefits
Oregano has the ability to treat exhaustion, nervous disorders and tension when added in a cup of tea. Oregano is a used as a traditional remedy for stomach upsets, low blood pressure, whooping cough, skin irritations, toothaches, headaches and asthma.

Cooking & Food Pairing
One of Italy’s favourite herbs Oregano is a mild-flavoured herb and can be used in tomato-based sauces as well as sprinkled over pizzas, pasta sauces, stews, grilled fish and kebabs. Oregano is lovely when used in moussaka and Greek-style dishes featuring feta, chicken or fish.

Gourmet Garden Oregano

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